Seafarer Training

MARITAS offers a comprehensive service for training and assessment of personnel. These are supported open learning programmes that allow candidates to work largely in their own ports and in their own time, so there is no ‘down time’ or relief staff required while training is underway. This represents potential for significant cost savings by reducing or eliminating bills for travel, accommodation and agency staff. Components of our programmes include:

  • Learning Appraisals
  • Learning support (local tutoring or ‘on line’).
  • Assessment
  • Orals examination preparation


In addition to our courses, MARITAS offers consultancy services including developing and delivering training programmes, writing material such as learning modules and tests, technical advice regarding learning and assessment, appraisal of candidates, appraisal of learning material and programmes, audits of training programmes.

We have also provided consultancy to support a major port/vessel operator in developing and implementing a safety management system in compliance with the ISM code.

Over the years our customers have included many significant organisations in the maritime sector including the Merchant Navy Training Board, Sea Fish Authority, British Tugowners Association, National workboat Association and many of the association’s members.


The range of our services is broad but we are always pleased to consider new ventures. Our expertise and method of delivery would be ideally suited to other programmes, such as Boatmaster Licenses, Mega Yacht or Port qualifications, so we are always interested to hear from new customer groups.